Equipment Procurement

Services Provided:

  • Gas & Fuel Equipment for Power Generation Systems
  • Gas & Fuel Pipelines
  • Mechanical Engineering For Oil & Gas Industry

We offer clients a breadth and depth of experience through our intimate industry knowledge to deliver fully integrated solutions that are safe, mobile, reliable and cost‐effective.

This enables us to design, construct and maintain gas and liquid fuels transmission and distribution systems to industry best practice standards.

Our gas and liquid fuels capabilities encompass the asset lifecycle from design, construction, installation, testing, start up design to construct, timely inspection, repair, asset management to decommissioning utilizing our project management methodology.

Our services TEAM can save cost and downtime by ensuring system reliability and availability through the reduction of forces outages and reduced maintenance cost.

Wastewater Facilities Design & Construction

  • Belt Press
  • Screw Press
  • Centrifuge
  • Pumps
  • Settlement Pounds
  • Ammonia Recovery System
  • Lime Recovery System

Biogas Facilities Design & Construction

  • Digesters
  • Feed Stock Tower
  • Fertilization Dryer

Natural Gas (NG) Equipment Specification, Design & Repair

  • Gas Compressor Systems
  • Gas Filtration Systems
  • Sour Gas Purification Systems
  • Separation Systems
  • Priority Panel
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Dispenser Slow & Fast Filled
  • Natural Gas (NG) Dryer
  • Natural Gas (NG) Upgrading
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Storage Bullets

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) / Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) Equipment Specification, Design & Repair

  • Vaporizing Systems (Gasification)
  • Gas Filtration Systems
  • Cryogenics Fuel Pumping Skid
  • Purification Systems
  • Cryogenic Separation Systems

Liquid Fuel Equipment Specification, Design & Repair

  • Fuel Forwarding / Pumping Skid
  • Fuel Cleaning Skid
  • Fuel Heating Skid
  • Fuel Purification Skid
  • Fuel Storage

Pipeline Specification, Design & Construction

  • Main & Distribution Lines for Gas & Liquid Fuels
  • Installations & Commissioning

Water Systems Specification, Design & Construction

  • Demineralized Water Systems
  • Water Forwarding Skid
  • Water Storage
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)- Reverse Osmosis (R0) -Electro Demineralization (EDI) Water Systems

Trusted Partners & Organizations

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