Project Management & Engineering

Project Management

Project Management plays a crucial role in the success of energy industry, the complexity and scale of projects in the energy industry present significant risks to project participants and stakeholders and delivering complex large scale projects on time, within budget and to high quality are core requirements for those operating in the industry.

Major projects all too frequently suffer distress in the form of contract and project mismanagement, cost and time overruns, performance failings and ensuing disputes between project participants. With projects under ever growing global scrutiny the need for soundly structured and well managed, projects is greater than ever. As the industry continues to become more complex and competitive, the need for robust project management has never been more important. Companies need to ensure that they are adopting contracting strategies that can deal with the dynamism and complexity of today’s markets.

  • Review causes of failure and critical success factors
  • Define the relationship between project owners and project manager
  • Evaluate the link between organizational strategy and projects
  • Develop successful contractual relationships with contractors, operators and third parties to balance risk appropriately
  • Manage the communication between the various parties to ensure successful completion of the project
  • Develop effective risk allocation strategy
  • Effectively engage and manage stakeholders
  • Assessing project performance through effective planning and communication

Project Engineering

Our TEAM have strengthened with experience in developing turnkey projects Engineering, Procurement and Construction.

We carry out projects Structure Engineering and Detail, complying with the functionality within the standards set by our customers and regulatory entities. Our strategy takes into account the sequential development of a project so as to ensure the optimum cost efficiency and execution time of each project in particular. During our professional careers, we have specialized in construction for the power sector, accumulating experience in different industrial equipment for balance of plant BOP, diesel and gas turbo generators and aeroderivative turbines.

  • Basic and Conceptual Engineering
  • Plan Review
  • Supervision and Quality Control
  • Cost Estimation
  • Health, Safety and Environment HSE
  • Job Development Inspection
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Hazard and Operability Studies HAZOP
  • Administration and Management Support
  • Technical Equipment Specifications Development

Trusted Partners & Organizations

We value relationship contracting and are a reliable, trusted business partner. Loyalty to our partners and collaborators is really important to us.